Welcome to SouthWaves Radio

Speech & Drama Radio For Sussex And Hampshire

Founded by Autistic University of Chichester Graduate Jamie Dyer, we like to think of radio a little differently. We pride ourselves on offering a mixture of Talk, Audio Drama, Documentaries and Arts programming. We produce audio content aimed at the local community, along with broadcasting a range of content from around the world. We work with wide variety of actors and writers to contributors; many from all over the world. Audio drama is still a thriving form of entertainment. Many of our productions take the form of ‘Old Time Radio’.

Our Mission:
Our main objectives are to create and provide a mixture of arts, drama and theatre, give opportunities to others and to serve Sussex and Hampshire, with a base in West Sussex. We want to establish a local creative hub that produces drama, variety shows, discussion programs and documentaries in the spirit of ‘Old Time Radio’. We believe that this will benefit actors, writers and local people through experience and exposure.

Local Activities
We are incredibly passionate about supporting the local community, much of our activities reflect this. In addition to our various recording sessions, we work with schools, charities and local organisations; bringing something different to the area. The various content produced with these organisations has included interviews, poetry, stories and songs. While we have only been running a short time, we have worked with several well known organisations, and have helped to strengthen relations in the local area. Our work has opened doors for many, and provided a platform where everyone is invited. Unlike any other station in the station, we bring a true alternative.

We Are Radio For The Digital Age
Marketing is an important part of running a radio station, and we understand the importance. As a unique station, we have to work extra hard to get noticed. We always aim to create a range content for our social media and this website, utilizing multimedia such as video, photographs and copy. Rather than just straight presentations or phone videos, we try to think outside the box, to create engaging content. In the past, we’ve created viral content including interview segments, promotional videos and mini documentaries. We feel that it’s a vital thing in the modern landscape, and helps to boost our visibility along with the experience of those involved. Our eventual goal is to create a regular stream of multimedia content that entertains, informs and gives opportunities to its creators.