Community Radio For Chichester And Beyond!

Founded by University of Chichester Graduate Jamie Dyer, we are an online community radio station for the Chichester district. We pride ourselves on offering a mixture of Talk, Discussion, Audio Drama, Sport, Documentary and Arts programming. We put the community at the heart of what we do, by creating a mixture of local programming that differs greatly from the commercial sector.

We are run by a team of volunteers, who enthusiastically give up their time in order to work extensively on content. We work alongside many established organisations, businesses and charities; supporting the work that they do. Part of our service also seeks to encourage actors, writers and producers to work with us to create audio dramas and similar audio based media.

We also broadcast a range of programming from around the world that demonstrates our purpose and intent. We are very grateful to the people who take the time out to send their shows to us. A wide ranging list of imported content includes The Hickory Bench Playhouse, S.O.S In Oz, Let’s Talk Business and The Sonic Society.